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KDM Metal is your trusted sheet metal fabrication machine manufacturer and supplier in China. We are specialized in supplying the highest quality and high-end machines to customers worldwide. Contact us today!

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KDM Sheet Metal Fabrication Machines

In line with our strategy, KDM is a professional sheet metal fabrication machine provider whom you can trust. We have integrated R&D, innovative sheet metal fabrication machines, and custom sheet metal fabrication machine services. Our employees are highly trained with sophisticated real-time monitoring digitized quality management systems to guarantee high-class and steady performances.


KDM Sheet Metal Fabrication Machines

1 Sheet Metal Bending Machine
Sheet Metal Bending Machine

KDM Sheet Metal Bending Machine is a world-class machine suitable for your business. It has a lot of advantages and features. KDM offer customized Sheet Metal Bending Machine to meet your demands.

Sheet Metal Cutting Machine
Sheet Metal Cutting Machine

KDM provides a wide range of Sheet Metal Cutting machines for you. We are a professional Sheet Metal Cutting Machine manufacturer and supplier in China.

3 Sheet Metal Rolling Machine
Sheet Metal Rolling Machine

Sheet Metal Rolling Machine is professionally manufactured with a mechanical three-roller symmetrical plate rolling machine. It is characterized by safety and stability.

4 Sheet Metal Forming Machine
Sheet Metal Forming Machine

Sheet Metal Forming Machine is approved by ISO quality system certification and European Union CE certification. It is an easy-to-operate machine.

5 Sheet Metal Shearing Machine
Sheet Metal Shearing Machine

Our series of Sheet Metal Shearing Machine is applicable for many industries like automobile dismantling plants, recycling companies, smelting and casting industry, etc.

6 Sheet metal press machine
Sheet Metal Press Machine

This machine is carefully designed by our skilled and professional engineers in accordance with international standards, reliable safety with good anti-interference ability.

7 Sheet straightening machine
Sheet Metal Straightening Machine

Sheet Metal Straightening Machine is offered at a very affordable rate. You can find the top-rated quality machines here in KDM.

8 Sheet Metal Punch Machine
Sheet Metal Punch Machine

Sheet Metal Punch Machine is designed from high-quality raw materials that provide high performance even at high single-stroking rates, very low maintenance, and functional in long run.

9 Sheet Metal Folding Machine
Sheet Metal Folding Machine

Sheet Metal Folding Machine from KDM features simple operation and easy maintenance. It is safe and reliable to you and to your workers.

10 Sheet Metal Swaging Machine
Sheet Metal Swaging Machine

Sheet Metal Swaging Machine is a high-accuracy and high-productive machine widely used for many industries. KDM really assure high-quality machines that can skyrocket your brand.

11 Sheet Metal Beading Machine
Sheet Metal Beading Machine

Sheet Metal Beading Machine is an elegant and high-precision machine designed by KDM expert. We can custom your required machine to meet your demands.

12 Sheet Metal Spinning Machine
Sheet Metal Spinning Machine

KDM is a trusted Sheet Metal Spinning Machine supplier with rich experience in this manufacturing industry. We are here to help you boom your business!

Why KDM Sheet Metal Fabrication Machines

With years of accumulated experience, advanced production lines, mature technology, and a strong workforce, KDM becomes one of the famous sheet metal fabrication machine manufacturers in China, trusted by thousands of clients. We can handle the different types of Sheet Metal Fabrication Machines manufacturing, deliver anytime and anywhere.

Moreover, KDM can custom your sheet metal fabrication machine needs. Our team sincerely wants to work with you. Settle with us now to experience our excellent product and reliable services.

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Sheet Grooving Machine
pipe bending machine
Pipe Bending Machine
sheet metal shear machine
Sheet Metal Shear Machine
sheet metal forming machine
Sheet Metal Forming Machine
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Sheet Metal Cutting Machine
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Tube Embossing Machine
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Tube Punching Machine

KDM -Your Leading Sheet Metal Fabrication Machines Supplier

KDM Sheet Metal Fabrication Machines

If you`re searching for a trustworthy and reliable manufacturer of sheet metal fabrication machines, you can always rely upon KDM. We supply the best solution for your business needs. The sheet metal fabrication machines manufactured by us guaranteed effective, cost-efficient, and have lasting quality.

In China, KDM is considered the largest sheet metal fabrication machine manufacturer in China. Whether your business required to have sheet metal fabrication machines, KDM has many types to offer. We have complete selections for this machine, available in several designs, colors, models, and dimensions.

With many years of field experience, KDM is capable to provide you only high-end efforts in sheet metal fabrication machines inspection, design, and production. These are highly manufactured depending on the international quality management system and ISO authentication.

KDM sheet metal fabrication machines are applied for industrial cutting, metal processing, forming, bending, and stamping sheet metals. These are particularly used to bend, press, form, and cut sheet metals into different sizes and shapes. By using this one, sheet metals will easily, effectively, and quickly bend with your desired designs. Thus, it offered several advantageous features to suit your applications.

As your premier and reliable Chinese manufacturer, we can manufacture sheet metal fabrication machines depending on your product requirements. Send us your specifications and we will manage the rest process that will exceed your expectations.

KDM is a well-known manufacturer of sheet metal fabrication machines in China. To satisfy your needs for your brand, we produce different designs of sheet metal fabrication. It includes a Sheet Metal Folding Machine, Sheet Metal Punch Machine, Sheet Metal Straightening Machine, Sheet Metal Press Machine, Sheet Metal Shearing Machine, Sheet Metal Forming Machine, Sheet Metal Rolling Machine, Sheet Metal Cutting Machine, and so on.

Together with our complete lines of production machines and rich field experience, we are able to supply you with high-end sheet metal fabrication machines certified by standard certifications.

KDM can also provide you different types of pipe processing machines, you can check this page for all of our pipe machines.

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